Software testing and quality assurance services

Maxsyncitsolutions provides top-of-the-line services in creation and support of QA processes and software testing delivered by the specialized team of highly experienced QA engineers. We optimize, streamline, and perfect solutions of any format and complexity across all existing industries. Our QA processes and software testing approaches are based on the best practices, market-defining tools, and invaluable expertise gained through the years of developing successful digital products. We are a software QA services company with a focus on making your life easier, project successful, development faster and cheaper.

Types of software we test

Web application and website testing

We are a software QA services company to streamline the website user experience, alleviate web app performance, and boost conversion rates for long-term results.

Mobile application testing

Leveraging a range of mobile OS and combining manual and automated testing on emulators and real devices, our mobile app development company helps companies propel mobile apps to the top pages in app markets.

Desktop application testing

We help achieve the maximum rates of desktop software performance facilitating seamless performance across all types of hardware, no matter the bottom line requirements.

Enterprise software testing

Systems and tools put at the heart of an enterprise must perform impeccably – we help achieve flawless performance via a range of testing techniques and QA best practices.

IoT testing

We combine hardware, microservices, and backend testing; subdivide testing procedures into component, integration, and system testing tiers; properly build emulating models, data analysis, and algorithm configurations to achieve the most convenient, efficient, and secure Internet of Things.

SaaS and cloud testing

By efficiently distributing testing coverage by components, integration, and system testing tiers, we dispatch stable, fault-tolerant performance for SaaS systems, keeping extensive system security compliance in check.