3D modeling services

For clients looking for an outstanding 3D design and an individualized project approach, Maxsyncitsolutions Group is the place to go. We provide top-of-the-line 3D modeling services delivered by our skilled in-house teams of 3D artists and animators with years’ worth of experience. Choose high-quality 3D graphic design services and hit the spot with your target audience's demands

3D services we provide

we provide 3D visual representations of clients’ concepts, organic and hard surface modeling, character design and modeling, product rendering, 3D scan cleaning, 3D print ready modeling, voxel art, and more. We offer advanced VR and AR experiences as well as handle full-cycle 3D design and development of any scale and complexity. Our top priority is to ensure creativity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of our services.

Web and mobile UI/UX design

We deliver responsive web design, adaptive mobile design, and user-friendly interfaces to maximize users’ satisfaction.

3D modeling

Maxsyncitsolutions creates both detailed high-poly 3D models for lifelike product visualization and lightweight low-poly 3D models for seamless real-time rendering. For instance, AR/VR-based apps or 3D simulations.

3D models for printing

We can also implement design concepts for 3D printing by creating detailed digital models to be printed. Based on requirements and references, we give our clients fully print-ready assets to make sturdy printed goods.

3D visualization

Expertly created 3D product visualizations can facilitate detailed designs of architectural objects and all sorts of products before any actual construction or software engineering takes place.

Game 3D art

Designs and animates game-ready models that can be both stylized or realistic, high-level detailed (e.g., for modern consoles or PC) or low-poly (e.g., models optimized for mobile games or VR/AR), from major characters to even plants.

Hard surface modeling

Maxsyncitsolutions professionals create hard-surfaced models of mechanized types of robots, tanks, machines, and weapons. Our experts will readily engage in similar projects of that kind, either from scratch, or at any stage of the project.